Urfan Sharif, Beinash Batool and Faisal Malik
(SURREY POLICE) Urfan Sharif, Beinash Batool and Faisal Malik

Relatives Linked to the Death of 10-Year-Old Sara Sharif Returning to the UK

Three relatives of 10-year-old Sara Sharif, who has been at the center of a tragic investigation, are returning to the UK from Pakistan amid a high-profile inquiry into her death, as reported by BBC News on Wednesday 13 September 2023.

Sara’s father, Urfan Sharif, his wife Beinash Batool, and his brother Faisal Malik, are scheduled to land in London Gatwick tonight after departing from Pakistan, where they had gone into hiding following Sara’s death.

Surrey Police are eager to speak with them, as they were living with Sara before her untimely demise, and had left the UK the day before her lifeless body was discovered.

The devastating case unfolded when Sara’s lifeless body was found at her home in Woking on August 10th. The post-mortem examination revealed that Sara had suffered “multiple and extensive injuries,” sparking a thorough investigation into her death.

The trio—Sara’s father, stepmother, and uncle—had left the UK for Pakistan on August 9th, prompting an international search via Interpol.

Pakistani authorities were enlisted to help locate them on behalf of Surrey detectives. Their departure raised suspicions and intensified the need for their cooperation in the investigation.

While the whereabouts of Sara’s father, Urfan Sharif, his wife Beinash Batool, and brother Faisal Malik remained uncertain, they released a video statement last week.

In the video, Ms. Batool explained that they had gone into hiding in Pakistan out of fear that they would face “torture or kill” at the hands of Pakistani law enforcement. They also alleged harassment of their family members.

Jhelum police chief Mehmood Bajwa, responding to these claims, emphatically stated that the allegations of harassment and torture were unfounded.

He further pointed out that if the family genuinely felt threatened by the police, they had the option to seek protection through the legal system.

The return of the three relatives to the UK marks a significant development in this tragic case, as it opens the door for authorities to question them about the circumstances surrounding Sara’s death.

Surrey Police will undoubtedly be seeking answers to the questions that have plagued this investigation, aiming to bring justice to Sara and closure to her grieving family.

Sara’s five siblings, aged between one and 13, who had traveled with the adults to Pakistan, remain in government care in the country.

Their well-being and future will be of great concern to authorities as this investigation unfolds.

The tragic story of Sara Sharif has gripped the attention of the public, both in the UK and internationally.

The return of the three relatives to the UK marks a crucial turning point in the quest for answers and justice. The investigation will continue to unfold, and authorities are committed to ensuring that all pertinent facts come to light.

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