Woman Cries in the Dock as She's Found
(Image: Liverpool echo)

Woman Cries in the Dock as She’s Found Guilty of Murder After Stabbing Man to Death

Learose Cheng, a 27-year-old woman, sobbed in the courtroom as she was found guilty of the brutal murder of 39-year-old Dylan Bacon. The verdict was delivered by a jury consisting of four men and eight women at Liverpool Crown Court, who unanimously concluded that Cheng was responsible for the fatal stabbing that took place on March 14th of the previous year. The gruesome incident unfolded outside a block of flats in Liverpool, leaving Bacon collapsed in a pool of his own blood.

According to The Liverpool Echo on Monday, September 4, 2023, implicated that during the prosecution’s opening last month, John Benson KC provided a chilling account of the events leading up to Bacon’s death. It was revealed that Mr. Bacon had endured a sustained assault with a knife, which ultimately claimed his life.

A post-mortem examination conducted on the victim unveiled the horrifying extent of the violence he had suffered, with a total of eight incised wounds found on his head and torso. Of these wounds, two were described as particularly severe, including a deep stab wound to the upper right front of the chest and another to the left of the upper back.

The sequence of events leading to this tragic outcome began earlier in the day when Cheng, also known as Learna, left her residence at approximately 2 p.m. She was accompanied by her grandad, and the pair made their way to Hoggin’s Irish Pub.

After spending roughly 45 minutes at the establishment, they proceeded to the Old Swan, also known as the White House, where their path tragically intersected with Mr. Bacon’s. CCTV footage presented during the trial showed Cheng engaging in what appeared to be affectionate gestures towards Mr. Bacon.

She was observed putting her arms around him and even sharing a kiss on the cheek. However, as the afternoon wore on, a sudden and disturbing turn of events took place. Around 5 p.m., Cheng became violently ill at their table, leading her to leave the establishment with her grandad and return to his home.

The investigation into the incident took a grim turn as a trail of blood was discovered, leading law enforcement officers back to Cheng’s residence. This damning evidence, combined with the witness accounts and the CCTV footage, painted a disturbing picture of the events that transpired on that fateful day.

As the jury delivered their unanimous guilty verdict, Cheng’s emotional outpouring of tears served as a poignant reminder of the irreversible tragedy that unfolded. She now faces the dire consequences of her actions, with her conviction for murder sending shockwaves throughout Liverpool.

The family and friends of Dylan Bacon, who lost their loved one in such a brutal manner, have been left grappling with the profound grief and loss caused by this senseless act of violence. While justice has been served with Cheng’s conviction, it cannot undo the devastating impact of this tragedy on all those affected.

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