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UK Set for a Warm Spell: Second Iberian Heatwave Predicts Temperatures Up to 23°C

As May progresses, the UK is poised to experience a second wave of higher temperatures, according to recent weather forecasts. Weather services WXCharts and Netweather have indicated a significant rise in temperatures towards the end of next week, signaling another “Iberian blast” of warmth impacting various parts of Britain with highs potentially reaching 23°C.

This upcoming warm period is expected to particularly affect the southeast of England, with areas such as Peterborough, Norwich, London, and Canterbury likely to see the highest temperatures, peaking at 23°C, told GB News.

Other cities like Cambridge, Ipswich, Brighton, Reading, Birmingham, Sheffield, Liverpool, and Fort William are also set to experience warm weather, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 22°C.

UK Temperature
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Meanwhile, regions including Southampton, Conwy, Manchester, Hull, Newcastle, Carlisle, Derry, Belfast, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and Inverness will witness slightly cooler conditions, with temperatures forecasted between 16°C and 19°C. Coastal locations such as Plymouth, Bristol, Cardiff, and Wick are expected to have the coolest temperatures in this warm spell, with highs fluctuating between 13°C and 15°C.

The Met Office has provided an outlook for this period, anticipating a mix of weather conditions across the country. “The weather is expected to be changeable across the country, with further spells of rain and showers expected. Rainfall amounts could be above average in most areas,” they stated. The forecast also warns of the potential for heavy rain and thunderstorms. “It is also possible that rain will be heavy at times, and any showers could turn thundery.”

Despite the warm spell, temperatures are projected to return to more typical May averages eventually. “Temperatures are also expected to fall closer to average for May,” added the Met Office.

This pattern of fluctuating temperatures and mixed weather conditions highlights the unpredictable nature of British weather, especially during transitional seasons. As the country prepares for this warm influx, residents might enjoy the brief respite from typical spring temperatures, though they should remain prepared for possible sudden changes in weather that could include rainy and thundery conditions.

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