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Sunny Days Ahead, But ‘Thundery Breakdowns’ to Chill UK’s Warm Streak

Britons enjoying the current spell of warm, sunny weather are in for a stark change, as forecasters predict “thundery breakdowns” that will bring an abrupt end to the pleasant conditions by the coming Monday. The Met Office has indicated that this weekend may be the peak of the warmth before the weather takes a turn.

Currently, the UK is basking in unusually high temperatures for this time of year. The south of England is expected to experience highs of 25°C on Friday, with potential peaks of 26°C on Saturday and possibly even 27°C by Sunday. These figures are set to surpass the highest temperature of the year recorded so far, which was 24.3°C at Heathrow and St James’s Park in London on Thursday. Meanwhile, Scotland and Northern Ireland are also expected to revel in the warmth, with Glasgow anticipating a pleasant 22°C on Saturday, via The Independent.

According to Alex Burkill, a meteorologist with the Met Office, the warm spell can be attributed to a high-pressure system that has lingered over the UK throughout the week. However, he cautions that the sunny days will also bring higher UV and pollen levels, advising residents to take appropriate protective measures.

The shift in weather is expected as the high-pressure area moves eastward by Sunday, paving the way for more unstable conditions. “Some of the rain will be heavy and thundery. This will also lead to a much cooler feel to the day,” explained Tony Wisson, deputy chief meteorologist at the Met Office. As the high pressure recedes, widespread and persistent rain is anticipated, particularly affecting northern parts of the UK.

In Northern Ireland and the north of Scotland, forecasters predict “periods of prolonged rainfall” due to patches of moving high pressure. These conditions are expected not only to dampen spirits but also to cool the temperatures significantly, bringing them closer to the seasonal averages.

Joanna Robinson, a weather producer for Sky News, confirms that along with the expected wind and rain, next week’s temperatures will see a regression to the norm for this time of year, marking a considerable drop from the highs experienced this weekend. This anticipated change serves as a reminder of the UK’s often unpredictable and swiftly changing weather patterns, urging everyone to enjoy the warmth while it lasts.

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