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Royal Tensions Surface Over Harry and Meghan’s Nigeria Visit

Prince William and King Charles III have expressed concerns over how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s trip to Nigeria is perceived, amidst other significant royal engagements.

According to former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie Bond, the pair’s activities, described as a ‘mini royal tour’, have sparked unease within the royal family, told OK!. Despite their withdrawal from senior royal duties in 2020, the couple’s high-profile visit to Nigeria has led to confusion about their status.

Jennie Bond, speaking to OK! magazine, explained, “The King and Prince William are firmly of the belief that you are either in or out of the working Royals. This seems to be a rather strange halfway house. I think both the King and the Prince, and indeed the Government, will want it to be made clear that Harry is not representing either the Royal Family or Britain on this trip.”

Amid these discussions, Prince William has shown signs of reassurance about the health of his wife, Kate Middleton, who is currently recovering from cancer. William’s recent official duties, which took him the furthest from his family since Kate’s diagnosis, are seen as positive indicators of her improving health. His engagements included addressing homelessness and community interactions in Cornwall, showcasing a lighter moment playing volleyball with young lifeguards at Fistral Beach.

Reflecting on William’s ability to undertake duties away from home, Jennie Bond remarked, “It’s great news that William feels relaxed enough to stay away for a night. I’ve no doubt that Catherine’s parents will be staying with her, but even so, it must be a step in the right direction. Hopefully, Catherine is feeling stronger every day and, with the sun now shining, she’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors which, for her, has always been restorative.”

While in Cornwall, Prince William also provided a brief update on Kate’s condition, affirming, “She’s doing well, thanks,” and hinted at a potential family visit later in the year, adding, “The children are very jealous that I am here… Maybe we might come later in the year.”

Prince Harry’s visit coincided with his return to the UK for the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, followed by his and Meghan’s journey to Nigeria. Despite speculation, there were no meetings between Harry and any royal family members during his time in the UK.

Addressing the ongoing estrangement between the brothers, Jennie Bond noted, “I think we have to give up hope that the rift between the brothers will be healed at any time in the near future, or indeed ever.” She further elaborated on the multiple pressures facing Prince William, saying, “William’s head and heart must be bursting with all that he has on his plate right now: his wife’s cancer treatment, his father’s illness, his children growing up fast, the pressure for him to take on more royal duties, the prospect of becoming King earlier than he might ever have wanted.”

In conclusion, Bond suggested that dealing with the complexities surrounding ‘the Harry problem’ might be overwhelming for William at this time, potentially marking a point of no return in the brothers’ relationship.

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