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Westminster is Failing Scotland’: Record Demand for Food Parcels Revealed in New Data

Scotland is experiencing an unprecedented demand for food parcels, with hundreds of thousands distributed over the past year, according to recent figures.

The Trussell Trust’s analysis reveals that between April 1, 2023, and March 31, 2024, a staggering 262,400 emergency food parcels were distributed across Scotland. Alarmingly, 60% of these parcels, amounting to 156,262, were for families with children, marking a 21% increase compared to five years ago, reported by Ground News.

The research further highlights that over 101,900 people in Scotland have had to rely on charity for essential items like food. This grim statistic represents a 4% increase in the number of individuals going without essentials compared to the previous year.

These distressing figures have drawn sharp criticism from the Scottish National Party (SNP), which has laid the blame squarely on Westminster. David Linden, the SNP’s social justice spokesperson, did not mince words in his condemnation. “It is clear that Westminster is failing the people of Scotland,” he stated. “The Westminster-made cost of living crisis, coupled with the UK government’s austerity agenda and cruel benefit sanctions, have left Scotland’s most vulnerable seeking food parcels from charities and food banks. This is simply unforgivable.”

As the General Election looms, Linden turned his critique towards Labour leader Keir Starmer, suggesting that he offers little hope for meaningful change in Scotland. “This is the legacy of 14 years of consecutive Conservative rule – something the people of Scotland did not vote for,” Linden asserted.

He went on to criticize Labour’s stance on fiscal policies, pointing out their commitment to the same spending rules as the Tories and their support for controversial measures like the two-child cap and the rape clause. “It’s clear that Sir Keir Starmer does not offer the change Scotland needs,” he emphasized.

Linden also highlighted the efforts of the SNP Scottish Government, noting that they are doing all they can with the limited powers they have. However, he argued that with full fiscal autonomy, Scotland could achieve much more. “The SNP Scottish Government is doing all it can with the limited powers available to them, however, we could do so much more with the full fiscal powers of independence.”

Looking ahead, Linden made a compelling case for the SNP as the party capable of addressing Scotland’s needs and aspirations. “At the next election, it is only the SNP who will stand up for Scotland’s values, tackle child poverty at every opportunity, and advance Scotland’s journey to independence,” he concluded.

The data paints a stark picture of the struggles faced by many in Scotland and underscores the urgent need for action to address these issues. With the election approaching, the debate over how best to support Scotland’s most vulnerable is set to intensify.

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