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A month before her death, the Queen made a “startling” statement about Meghan Markle

In a sensational claim that has left royal watchers astounded, a source has alleged that the late Queen made a startling comment about Meghan Markle during a Palace reception just a month before her passing at the age of 96. The purported remark labeled Meghan as “evil” and came at a time when the relationship between the Sussexes and the Royal Family had reached an all-time low.

According to the source, the Queen’s description of Meghan as “evil” was entirely out of character for the typically forgiving monarch. Mirror reported on Sunday, September 10, 2023, that the shocking comment reportedly occurred during a drinks reception at Balmoral in August of the previous year. The source revealed that the Queen seemed “regretful” about Prince Harry’s decision to step down as a working royal and relocate his young family to California.

“It was out of character for the Queen to use such a word as ‘evil’ to describe Meghan, but she saw straight through her. It was a startling sentence to hear from the most forgiving woman on earth,” the source disclosed to the Spectator.

“At the drinks before the dinner, a small group was talking to the monarch, and she explained that Harry meeting Meghan had become a complete catastrophe and described her as evil. By this point, we all knew the Queen’s health was in decline, and she had months left; she seemed regretful about how things had panned out.”

This revelation comes against the backdrop of a turbulent period for the Royal Family, marked by serious allegations made by Harry and Meghan. These allegations include claims of racism within the family regarding their son Archie’s skin color and Meghan’s assertion that she received inadequate support during her struggles with suicidal thoughts.

Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” published earlier this year, further strained relations as he detailed his feelings of alienation as a member of the royal family and made additional shocking allegations, including a claim that his brother William had assaulted him during an argument.

However, it’s worth noting that Meghan Markle has consistently spoken highly of the Queen in public. In their 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan described her relationship with the Queen as “lovely and easy.” She went on to say, “The Queen has always been wonderful to me. I’ve loved being in her company. She’s always been warm, welcoming, and inviting.” Meghan’s emotional display at Her Majesty’s funeral last year further underscored her deep respect for the monarch.

In an interview with Variety in October of the same year, Meghan continued to express her gratitude for the Queen’s warmth and support, particularly during challenging times. Meghan acknowledged the Queen’s remarkable legacy, especially in terms of female leadership, and spoke of her fortune in getting to know Her Majesty.

Despite the alleged comment from the late Queen, Meghan’s public statements have consistently portrayed a positive and respectful relationship with the monarch. The revelation of this comment adds another layer of complexity to an already intricate chapter in the ongoing saga of the Sussexes’ relationship with the Royal Family.

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