King Charles and Queen Camilla

Queen Camilla Pays Tribute to Mother-in-Law, Queen Elizabeth, by Wearing a Sapphire Necklace at State Dinner

Queen Camilla, alongside King Charles, graced the Palace of Versailles with their presence for a grand state banquet, where they joined 150 esteemed guests. Elegantly attired, the Queen’s ensemble resonated with heartfelt tributes, most notably her navy gown and cherished royal jewels.

The royal couple was warmly welcomed to the iconic Hall of Mirrors at Versailles by President Macron and his wife.

With a graceful nod to the late Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Camilla donned the King George VI Sapphire Necklace for the state dinner. Earlier in the day, her pink attire was believed to also honor the departed monarch.

Emerging in grandeur, the 76-year-old Queen was a sight to behold in her navy cape dress complemented by radiant sapphire jewels. Having transitioned from her earlier vibrant pink attire, she chose a more subdued, signature shade of blue for the evening.

Eschewing a tiara for the night, her decision was foreseen by Lauren Kiehna of The Court Jeweller blog. Kiehna had remarked, “As anticipated, no tiara from Queen Camilla for tonight’s banquet at the Palace of Versailles.”

In a charming gesture to their French hosts, Queen Camilla’s dress was designed by the esteemed French fashion house, Dior. She further elevated her ensemble with precious jewels previously owned by her late mother-in-law. This sentimental set, a wedding gift from her father to Queen Elizabeth II, resonates with royal history.

The Court Jeweller also recalled instances when Elizabeth would wear the sapphire necklace and earrings without a tiara, like during a private celebration of her Golden Jubilee in 2002. The sapphire jewelry also adorned the late Queen during a Buckingham Palace state banquet in 2015, honoring President Xi of China.

Queen Camilla’s ensemble elegantly flowed to the floor, featuring a cape overlay. The subtle V-neck highlighted the treasured King George VI necklace, an exquisite blend of diamonds and commanding sapphire gems.

She completed her look with her signature low-heeled pumps, a mix of dark blue suede and robust black soles, ensuring both style and comfort. Clasped in her hand was a navy bag with ribbon detailing.

Her radiant complexion, accentuated by a sun-kissed makeup palette, offered a striking contrast to her platinum-blonde tresses.

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