Pastor Got A Puppy In A Plastic Bag Begging For Life

Pastor Van Wyk, from Cape Town South Africa, is a God-fearing man who spends his all life for Him only. One day, his robust beliefs led him to the train tracks one day. While sitting on the tracks he saw a plastic bag, he felt terrible so he got out of his vehicle. The pastor walked over to check what was inside.

He got devastated when he found the puppy in a horrifying condition. There, unprotected and sorrowful, was a puppy tied up with shoelaces. His four legs were tied together as well as his snout. The pup couldn’t bark and pant. He thought that who would do such a thing? He winced and yelped when the pastor tried to touch the puppy. Therefore, he needed immediate medical attention.

The pastor reached out to Animal Welfare Helderberg. The rescue group helped to give him the medical attention he needed. They named him Trax worked to care for Trax. As he started to improve, they thought the puppy just needs the right family.

After treatment that went on for weeks, Trax got ready to be put up for adoption. The sweet dog found new parents! The rescue group was thrilled. His past was far behind him and his future looked as bright as the sun! The rescue group has kept in touch with Trax and his new family.

They send updates and photos often, showing them his happy life. Trax may have suffered but he doesn’t let that show. He’s adjusting to a world where he only knows LOVE — and his former, cruel life is like a bad dream.

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