Opera GX is the world's first mobile browser for gamers

Opera launches world’s first mobile browser for gamers

One of the world’s major browser developers and a leading internet consumer brand, today announced the launch of Opera GX Mobile – the world’s first mobile browser designed specifically for gamers. Opera GX Mobile builds on the rapid 190% year-over-year growth of Opera GX, Opera’s desktop browser used by over nine million gamers. Together, they form the perfect ecosystem of gaming-inspired browsers.

Opera GX Mobile users will enjoy custom navigation with the Fast Action Button (FAB), using vibration and haptic feedback. They are also getting the ability to sync mobile and desktop experiences through the Flow feature, which enables gamers to share walkthroughs, tutorials and character builds between devices, and getting instant access to GX Corner – a unique space on GX Mobile’s home screen featuring the latest gaming news, deals and a game release calendar. Opera GX Mobile also distinguishes itself with a unique gaming-inspired design with a set of four different color themes.

The new browser release follows strong user demand. “Since the day we launched Opera GX, our users have relentlessly asked us for a mobile version of the browser. Today, we are happy to share the first beta version of the new browser,” said Maciej Kocemba, product director of Opera GX.

GX Corner to stay on top of latest gaming news and deals
GX Corner is a unique Opera GX feature. In the mobile browser, it sits below the search bar and the browser’s speed dial. It features curated and relevant daily news about upcoming games as well as a deals aggregator with links to games on sale. This means that all a gamer needs in order to stay on top of the latest news and deals is their browser.

Gaming inspired GX design and easy navigation

With their minimalist design, the browsers available on smartphones don’t necessarily match gamers’ tastes and needs. Opera GX Mobile fixes this problem by presenting a unique style and design inspired by gaming and gaming gear. After installing it on their smartphone, gamers can choose from one of the four available themes: GX Classic, Ultra Violet, Purple Haze and White Wolf.

Unique navigation with haptic feedback

When using Opera GX Mobile, users can also choose between the Fast Action Button (FAB) and standard navigation. The Fast Action Button is divided into two rows: the menu (bottom row) that lets you search and open or close tabs, and the tabs row (top row). The FAB is always within thumb’s reach and uses vibrations and haptic feedback when interacting with elements in the button.

Unique Opera features

Opera GX Mobile includes the Flow feature, which allows gamers to sync it with the computer version of Opera GX by simply scanning a QR code displayed in the desktop browser with the mobile one. Flow is an encrypted, chat-like space shared between the mobile and computer browsers that allows you to send files, links, YouTube videos, photos and personal notes, and access them at any time from the connected phone or computer. You can use Flow to share files of up to 10MB in size. Gamers will find it particularly useful for sharing walkthroughs or tutorials as well as character builds between devices.

Other useful features in Opera GX Mobile include a built-in ad blocker, as well as a cookie dialog blocker, which helps you get rid of the annoying cookie dialogs that spoil the browsing experience. Opera GX Mobile users are also protected from those trying to use their devices to mine cryptocurrencies.

Fast growing community of users

Launched in June 2019, during E3 in Los Angeles, Opera GX for Windows and Mac exceeded 9 million monthly active gamers in March 2021, up 190% year-over-year. Opera GX has also grown to become the largest tech server on Discord, currently counting 285,000 members.

Starting today, Opera GX Mobile is available in beta on Android and iOS and will become available to the wider public in a few weeks. To test it out now, click:
https://operagx.gg/beta-1-ios – for iOS
https://operagx.gg/beta-1-android – for Android

About Opera Gaming
Opera is a global web innovator. Opera’s browsers, news products and fintech solutions are the trusted choice of hundreds of millions of MAU worldwide. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA). https://opera.com
In 2019 Opera launched Opera GX, a browser built for gamers with features that include countless customization options, sound effects, background music, a gaming-inspired design, as well as CPU, RAM and Network Bandwidth limiters that make the browser less resource-hungry and leave more of the computer’s resources for gaming. Opera GX continues to receive high ratings (4.84 out of 5.0). In January 2021, Opera acquired YoYo Games, the company behind GameMaker, the fastest and friendliest cross-platform game development technology out there, forming the Opera Gaming division within the company

SOURCE Opera Limited

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