Matthew Hopkins

Wife Donates Kidney to Essex Hospital Chief

During the UK’s organ donation week, a hospital chief executive opened up about receiving a kidney transplant from his wife.

Matthew Hopkins, the head of Mid and South Essex NHS Trust overseeing Southend, Basildon, and Broomfield hospitals, has a deeply personal understanding of the significance of organ donations.

Born with a genetic kidney condition, Hopkins has been on the receiving end of two kidney transplants. Now, as Organ Donation Week commences and with over 7,000 individuals in the UK anxiously waiting for organ transplants, he’s stepping forward with his narrative to emphasize the profound impact of being a donor.

Hopkins’ connection to polycystic kidney disease became apparent three decades ago when his mother was diagnosed with the genetic ailment. He said, “An ultrasound scan after my mom’s diagnosis confirmed I had the same disease. I’ve since been proactive in maintaining my health, from cycling to mindful eating.”

By 2016, his kidney health had dwindled to just 10% of its normal capacity. Come 2017, he was fortunate to receive a kidney, but it soon showed signs of malfunctioning. By 2019, with his partner Rachel emerging as a perfect match, he underwent a second transplant.

“There are countless individuals on the waiting list, yearning for their life-changing call,” Hopkins expressed. “This Organ Donation Week, I urge everyone to discuss organ donation with their families. While I can’t offer my kidneys, I’ve pledged my eyes, liver, and other organs.”

Those willing to make a life-altering difference can register their intent to donate at Organ Donation NHS.

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