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Mum Jailed For 30 Years for Torturing and Abandoning Daughter, 3, Whose Remains Were Found On Field

In a harrowing case that has shocked the nation, Kristie Haas, a 31-year-old mother, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder by abuse or neglect and abuse of a corpse in the tragic death of her daughter, Emma Grace Cole. The heart-wrenching story unfolds in Delaware, where little Emma endured unimaginable torture, starvation, and neglect before her life was brutally cut short.

Haas’ sentencing took place on a solemn day, as both prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed upon the recommended sentence for her heinous crimes, despite the possibility of facing a minimum of 15 years to life for her actions. Superior Court Judge Noel Primos presided over the case and made it clear that Haas’ “excessive cruelty” warranted a punishment exceeding the minimum as reported by The Mirror on Friday, September 15, 2023.

The appalling discovery that led to this heartrending case occurred in September 2019 when the charred remains of 3-year-old Emma were found on a softball field in Smyrna, Delaware, by a dog walker. Emma resided near the field alongside her siblings and parents.

Authorities unveiled the horrifying details of Emma’s short life, revealing that she, along with her siblings, endured the deliberate withholding of food and medical care. They were subjected to excessive physical exercise and faced severe physical discipline. Prosecutors recounted that Emma was found unresponsive, prompting Haas to attempt to revive her with a cold shower. Tragically, she prevented her stepfather, Brandon Haas, from calling 911, declaring, “That’s it for Emma.

Following Emma’s death, relatives were deceived into believing that she was in a facility for children with mental illness. In court, Emma’s great-aunt and former guardian, Tanya Conley, painted a poignant picture of the young girl, highlighting her love for shows like Paw Patrol, swimming, playing with cats, and the comfort of being sung to at bedtime. In stark contrast, Haas had once cruelly remarked that Emma “had the devil in her eyes.”

During her sentencing, Kristie Haas attributed her actions to her struggles with drug addiction, mental health issues, and her relationship with Emma’s stepfather, Brandon Haas. Brandon Haas, aged 41, previously pleaded guilty to charges of endangering the welfare of a child and was sentenced to four years and one month behind bars. Kristie Haas also pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child concerning Emma’s half-siblings.

In a heart-wrenching moment during the court proceedings, Emma’s father, Joshua Douthitt, expressed his profound grief, stating, “I cannot presume to comprehend the grief and the anguish that Emma’s family members here today have been put through because of Ms. Haas’ actions.” Overcome with emotion, he lamented the inexplicable loss of his beloved daughter and questioned why such a fate befell her.

Judge Primos issued a solemn order prohibiting Kristie Haas from having any contact with her other children while they remain minors unless permitted by an Indiana court.

Despite the heinous crimes committed by Kristie Haas, her defense attorney, Patrick Collins, shed light on her tumultuous life, characterized by a history of abuse and abandonment, extreme poverty during childhood, abuse by intimate partners, and ongoing struggles with mental illness. Collins emphasized that Kristie’s addiction to methamphetamine had played a central role in her tragic descent into darkness.

As Kristie Haas begins her sentence, the nation grapples with the profound tragedy of Emma’s life and the anguish endured by those who loved her. Emma’s story serves as a devastating reminder of the importance of protecting vulnerable children and holding those who harm them accountable for their actions.

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