Mom Buys Homeless Man Breakfast, Then He Slips Her A Note With A Shocking Confession

You will be overwhelmed by this inspiring story of a mother providing food to a man in need! Although he intended to feed the homeless man, what the man wrote him in a note was utterly shocking.

One morning Casey went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. She saw a homeless man in front of her begging for food and money. What Casey did was literally a life changing experience.

With over 1.20,000 posts in history on Facebook, Casey has become a true hero! When she saw the man change his money to buy food and beg, she approached him. He wasn’t interested in speaking in any way. She got very angry and kept trying to have a conversation with him.

Since Casey only had one dollar coin, she bought him a coffee and a bagel. They sat together and chatted for hours. His name was Chris.

Read on to find out what Chris did next. He will definitely play a chord!

Casey thought Chris was one of the most honest men she had ever met. She talked about how people mistreated her for being homeless. Sher also admitted how drugs made him the person he always hated. She lost her mother to cancer and wanted her to be proud of her.

Casey was in a hurry to get back to the classroom. But Chris wanted to write something for him on a piece of paper. She wanted him to stay.

Chris had a shaky handwriting. But he managed to scribble something on a piece of paper. Casey wondered what she had written. She handed a crumpled receipt and left.

Chris had a smile on his face when he left. Casey opened the paper and was shocked to read what it said. Note will melt your heart.



The story tells how little effort on our part can make a big difference in someone’s life. It’s not about money or talent. This is all about the willingness to do something good for those in need.

What Casey did was fantastic. She saved the life of a desperate man with some food and just one conversation. It gave her hope of survival again.

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