Meghan Markle ‘less’ intelligent than Kate Middleton – Royal insider

Tom Quinn, the author of “Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family,” has drawn comparisons between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton shedding light on their distinct qualities and approaches to royal life.

In a recent interview with Express UK, Mr. Quinn shared insights into how these two prominent figures within the British royal family navigate their roles and responsibilities.

He touched upon several key aspects that differentiate Meghan and Kate, emphasizing their unique attributes and perspectives.

One noteworthy point Mr. Quinn made was that some individuals he had spoken to perceive Kate Middleton as being more emotionally intelligent than Meghan Markle.

He stated that Kate seemed to approach her entry into the royal family with a clear understanding of the role she was taking on, acknowledging the existing rules and traditions.

Mr. Quinn noted, “She went into the Royal Family with her eyes wide open and thought, ‘It’s a part I’ve got to play. I can’t change the rules.'”

Furthermore, Mr. Quinn characterized Kate Middleton as a “conformist” rather than a “rebel” within the royal family.

He highlighted her trajectory after university, where she promptly entered the workforce with her parents, opting not to pursue an independent path.

This choice, according to Mr. Quinn, exemplifies her preference for adhering to established norms and expectations.

He also drew parallels between Kate’s acceptance of the royal family’s boundaries and her childhood experiences, suggesting that the structured nature of the royal institution mirrored the boundaries she encountered as a child.

In contrast, Meghan Markle’s approach to royal life, as described by Mr. Quinn, diverges from that of Kate.

He asserted that Meghan had a more contentious relationship with the royal family’s rules and traditions, stemming from her desire to establish her own rules and make her mark.

Mr. Quinn portrayed Meghan as a “rebel” who challenges convention and seeks to chart her own course.

The comparison between Meghan and Kate, while shedding light on their distinct personalities and approaches, reflects the broader narrative surrounding their roles within the royal family.

These observations by Tom Quinn provide a nuanced perspective on how two prominent members of the British royal family navigate their positions and responsibilities, showcasing the diverse paths individuals can take within this historic institution.

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