Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

‘IMPOSTERS’ – Royal expert accuses Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of manipulating the Media

Renowned royal author Tom Bower has launched a scathing critique, labeling Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as imposters who are manipulating the media.

Bower expressed his strong opinions on the matter during an appearance on Dan Wootton Tonight on GB News, where he didn’t mince words about the royal couple.

He began by highlighting what he perceived as orchestrated media stunts, saying, “What we see in this last week is absolute media manipulation of the most extraordinary kind.”

Bower specifically pointed out two incidents that drew his ire. First, he criticized Meghan’s appearance at a Beyoncé concert, which he believed was a contrived setup designed to capture her hugging Harry. He deemed the entire spectacle as inauthentic.

Next, Bower criticized Harry for chastising the media over its treatment of Afghan victims, a critique that he found to be unfounded.

He also expressed displeasure at Harry’s entrance to St. George’s Chapel, timing it when the Cambridges were conducting a service for members of the late Queen. Bower characterized this move as “outrageous.”

However, Bower’s strongest condemnation came when discussing Harry’s involvement in the Invictus Games.

While he acknowledged the significance and success of the event, he accused the Sussexes of exploiting it for their self-promotion, which he found to be distasteful.

Bower elaborated on his views, saying, “The idea of the Invictus Games was brilliant and is being run very, very well, not by Harry but by the administrators, and it’s terrific for the contestants. I’m all for that. But the Sussexes are using it for their own promotion, and that is what’s so concerning.”

He also touched upon their predicament, suggesting, “Because in the end, of course, Alison Boschoff was right. They’re desperate.

What’s interesting is they haven’t got a platform anymore. No magazine is going to interview Meghan Markle anymore. Spotify and Netflix are not going to commission them to do more reports, so they’re desperate for somehow to be seen.”

In Bower’s assessment, the Invictus Games have become the couple’s primary platform for self-promotion.

Bower’s comments have reignited the debate surrounding the Sussexes’ media presence and motivations, highlighting the ongoing scrutiny and polarized opinions surrounding their actions and public appearances.

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