King Charles and Prince Harry
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King Charles ‘rushes’ to cut ‘last few ties’ with Prince Harry with bold move

King Charles appears to be taking steps that suggest he is moving towards a complete estrangement from Prince Harry. In a recent development, the 75-year-old monarch appointed Prince William as colonel-in-chief of the Army Aviation Centre, a position previously held by Prince Harry.

This decision was announced earlier today, indicating a significant shift in the royal family dynamics. By assigning Prince Harry’s former role to Prince William, King Charles seems to be reinforcing Prince William’s position within the royal family while simultaneously distancing Prince Harry.

Royal expert Tom Quinn dubbed the move a “kick in the teeth” of the prince, who has been left “in tears when he heard” the announcement, reported via The Mirror. “Having always hated being the spare in terms of the succession [Harry] now finds that one of the few important roles he had as the younger brother has now been handed over to the person Harry himself described as his nemesis,” he explained.

“The senior royals have decided the gloves are off and that Harry needs to realize that when you betray the family, you don’t just escape the things you hated doing as a working royal,” the royal expert continued. “You also lose the things you loved. “Harry cannot fail to get the message – his last few ties to his old life are being cut and he is being set adrift, permanently,” Quinn added.

Observers note that this move could be part of a broader strategy to redefine the roles and responsibilities within the royal family, especially in light of Prince Harry’s decision to step back from royal duties and his subsequent relocation to the United States with his wife, Meghan Markle.

The appointment of Prince William to this prestigious military role highlights King Charles’ focus on solidifying the future of the monarchy with those who are actively engaged in royal duties. It also underscores the ongoing rift between the King and Prince Harry, which has been a subject of public interest and speculation since Harry’s departure from royal life.

As King Charles continues to navigate the complexities of his reign, decisions like these are seen as attempts to ensure stability and continuity within the royal family, even if it means making difficult choices regarding familial relationships. The impact of these actions on the relationship between King Charles and Prince Harry remains to be seen, but it is clear that the monarch is prioritizing the duties and responsibilities of those within the royal fold.

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