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King Charles advised to embrace his son Prince Harry privately before it’s too late

King Charles III, currently battling cancer, has been urged to meet privately with his son Prince Harry, according to royal commentator Angela Mollard. Writing for the Daily Mail, Mollard expressed her disbelief that the monarch hasn’t arranged even a brief meeting with Harry.

“I’m astounded the monarch isn’t meeting with his own son, even briefly. Our children’s safety is never guaranteed, and having been diagnosed with cancer, I would’ve thought the King might have had cause to consider the fragility of our existence,” she wrote.

“Thoughts of mortality typically lead families to at least attempt to heal wounds.” She explained it’s an opportunity for the royal family and Harry to end the rift, adding: “If ever there was a moment to tentatively extend an olive branch, it is this.”

“It might’ve been if the pair had enjoyed a pot of tea and a short chat about his grandchildren without any of us knowing. After all, any reconciliation could only occur via small steps and a commitment from Harry not to blab about it.”

The writer also admitted: “Harry’s behavior and his betrayal of the royal family have been monstrous. His criticism of Queen Camilla and the Prince and Princess of Wales particularly so. But we never know how long we have to make amends. We only ever have right now.”

Mollard suggested that a private meeting between King Charles and Prince Harry could serve both as an act of kindness and a test. “The King’s meeting with Harry could’ve been both a kindness and a test: the former because parenting is an act of unconditional love; the latter because Harry, quite rightfully, needs to earn back his family’s trust.”

Drawing on an example from the Van Straubenzee family, Mollard emphasized the unpredictable nature of life. “You never know when you might lose a child… or anyone you love,” she wrote. The Van Straubenzee family is closely connected to the royal family, with Prince William and Prince Harry sharing a strong bond with them.

On Wednesday, the Prince of Wales conducted investitures at Windsor Castle and conferred an MBE on Claire van Straubenzee, a family confidante whose son Henry, Prince Harry’s childhood best friend, tragically died in a car crash at the age of 18 in 2002.

The strained relationship between King Charles and Prince Harry has been a topic of intense public scrutiny. The rift widened following Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to step down as senior royals and move to California in 2020. Subsequent interviews and Harry’s memoir Spare further strained the relationship, revealing personal details about the royal family and criticizing their treatment of Meghan.

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