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Prince Harry’s ‘Uninvited’ and ‘Rude’ Comment Raises Eyebrows Among Royal Reporters

A revealing account by a former royal correspondent sheds light on Prince Harry’s interaction with the media during a royal tour, highlighting a significant moment of tension between the Duke of Sussex and the press. The incident, which unfolded on a flight from Tonga to Sydney in 2018, involved what was perceived as a “rude” comment by Prince Harry towards reporters covering the tour.

Valentine Low, a veteran royal correspondent and author, discussed the details on an episode of A Right Royal Podcast. He recounted the expectations of reporters on the flight, where royal engagements typically include informal chats with the press as a gesture of goodwill.

However, this expectation was not met during the flight. “We were flying back, and we were told they would come and chat with us. But it just didn’t happen,” Low explained. It was only upon landing, when the royal couple finally approached the reporters, that Prince Harry made his controversial remark.

“Harry was slightly in front of Meghan, she was slightly behind him. And she didn’t say much. She did make some strange remark about us wanting to get back for our Sunday lunch, which was completely bizarre,” Low said. However, it was Harry’s comment that truly stood out: “Thanks very much for coming, even though you weren’t invited.” This statement, according to Low, left the reporters baffled and somewhat insulted.

The sentiment that Prince Harry’s demeanor has changed since meeting Meghan Markle is echoed by others in the royal press corps. Royal photographer Arthur Edwards, who has decades of experience photographing the royal family, noted a marked shift in Harry’s attitude towards the media. “After Harry met Meghan, he became very distant, and interactions with him were miserable,” Edwards revealed during his appearance on News.com.au’s I’ve Got News For You podcast. “It was so dismal that eventually, I opted out of his tours with Meghan, preferring assignments with other members of the royal family.”

Edwards’s experiences reflect a broader perception among some royal correspondents that the Duke’s relationship with the press deteriorated after his marriage. This narrative continues to unfold as those who have worked closely with

Harry before and after his marriage share their insights, painting a complex picture of his interactions with the media and shedding light on the challenges of royal reporting in the modern era.

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