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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Controversial Moment in Nigeria Amid Royal Feud

During their recent visit to Nigeria, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sparked controversy by choosing not to sing the British national anthem, “God Save the King,” raising eyebrows and drawing criticism from royal watchers, told Daily Mail.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were in Nigeria to mark the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, founded by Prince Harry. Their visit included a stop at the Lightway Academy in Abuja to speak with students, a visit to a military hospital to meet injured service members, and attendance at a training session for Nigeria: Unconquered. Meghan also co-hosted a Women in Leadership event.

Despite their busy schedule, it was their actions during a reception for Nigeria: Unconquered that garnered significant attention. When the British national anthem was played, Harry and Meghan stood but chose not to sing, an act that did not go unnoticed.

One observer commented, “Oh…my…gosh… how absolutely hypocritical,” while another added, “Shame they can’t bring themselves to sing … Disgraceful!” Criticism was widespread, with comments like, “What a hypocrite he attacks the royal family and trashes his country with lies then stands for an anthem for a country he walked out on,” directed at Harry. Meghan was also targeted, with one user saying, “Such hypocrites … She couldn’t even show up to the 10-year anniversary in the U.K. with Harry, but she went to Nigeria to promote [Invictus Games].”

Compounding the controversy, Harry and Meghan were introduced at the reception as “HRH,” a title they were no longer supposed to use following their departure from the royal family. Queen Elizabeth II had stipulated that they would no longer be addressed as “His or Her Royal Highness.”

“They are not HRH. They were told by Queen Elizabeth they no longer could use that. Another act of disrespect to the late queen,” one user posted. Another agreed, writing: “This is terrible to go against the late QE2’s wishes to NOT use the HRH and this is pretending to be a royal tour which it is NOT.” A third person fumed: “What an atrocity. They are not allowed to use HRH and they are playing the British national anthem that Harry couldn’t even find it in himself to sing for King Charles. Harry can kiss his mother’s picture all he wants. The Nigerian President and Nigerian Defense Department owe King Charles and the British government an apology for violating agreements set forth in Sandringham by the late great Queen Elizabeth II.”

Royal expert Robert Jobson told Express: “They seem to be clinging on to the very same thing they have been trashing. Why can’t they just be themselves?”

This incident has added another layer to the ongoing narrative of tension between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal family, highlighting the complexities and sensitivities surrounding their public appearances and actions.

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