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Prince Harry meeting with King Charles this week is impossible since the Firm is still upset to him

When Prince Harry and Meghan join millions of people across to commemorate the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry won’t have the opportunity to meet King Charles III.

Harry, who will travel back to the UK for the event, had hoped to meet Charles and other family members while there.

However, according to Princess Diana’s confidant Paul Burrell, a reunion of the two is “impossible” because their respective diaries forbid it.

Any last-minute hopes of a reunion would also probably be shattered because of the increased pressure Harry has put on the higher echelons of Buckingham Palace.

While the family is “still angry” and “still hurt” over the explosive allegations he made about the Firm in his memoir and Netflix docuseries with Meghan, Mr. Burrell claimed there is no “appetite” for a reunion.

This week’s commemorations to honor the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing “will be impossible” for King Charles III, according to a royal insider, because his schedule is “very full” to that level.

As stated by The Express News Published On Wednesday, September 6 2023 Prince Harry’s meeting with King Charles this week is impossible because the Firm is “still angry.”

Harry will spend a few days in Europe during the Queen’s birthday celebration.

He will make several stops on his trip, including a break in the UK for around 24 hours before the anniversary when he returns for the WellChild awards on Thursday night, and time in Germany where he will introduce the newest Invictus Games.

Even though King Charles III will be in the kingdom and is near his family, Mr. Burrell thinks there won’t be enough time for them to meet.

I don’t think there will be any meetings, said Mr. Burrell, who was close to Diana, Harry’s mother, in an interview with The Mirror.

At Prince Phillip’s funeral, these discussions were whispered. At the Platinum Jubilee, there were rumblings. At the Queen’s funeral, they were whispered. Now they’re whispering. It will not take place.

He mentioned that Charles is getting ready for a state visit to France that will take place later this month, which will again occupy a lot of the monarch’s time.

The royal diary would be jam-packed, he continued. It will also be impossible to schedule a meeting with any member of this family once Harry gets there.

Considering what the Royals do, you know? They all get together and raise the drawbridge in unison. They won’t be visible to Harry, either. He’ll act independently before departing in the same manner as at his grandmother’s burial.

In addition, Mr. Burrell said that Harry “knows the rules” and won’t try to visit his family without a formal invitation.

The Royal Family will come together at Balmoral Castle, where the Queen passed away, to commemorate Her Majesty’s birthday along with the rest of the country.

It comes after the Cabinet Office declared it would erect a permanent memorial and create a national legacy plan as a “fitting tribute” to the Queen.

The ideas will be worked on by the Queen Elizabeth Memorial Committee, and it is anticipated that it will be unveiled in 2026, which would have been the former monarch’s 100th birthday.

The committee’s chair is Lord Robin Janvrin, a former private secretary to the Queen. It is a privilege to be chosen to lead the Queen Elizabeth memorial committee, he said.

To attempt to preserve for future generations Her Late Majesty’s remarkable contribution to our national life over her incredibly long reign would be a particularly difficult task.

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