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England Lionesses Think About Striking as They Push FA for Better Pay

Fresh from their impressive World Cup run in Australia, where they narrowly missed the title to Spain, England’s Lionesses are now battling a different kind of challenge: demanding fair compensation from the Football Association (FA).

Sources from Mail reveal that these football stars are preparing to negotiate with the FA during their upcoming Nations League camp against Scotland. The heart of their demand? A deserving pay package of £50,000 each – a figure that would have doubled had they clinched the World Cup title. This amount factors in the prize money and the increased commercial revenues the FA bagged, which was a whopping £2.4 million more than any previous Women’s World Cup.

Tensions between the players and the governing body have been growing. Prior to the World Cup, the Lionesses were restricted from securing individual commercial deals, to avoid any potential conflicts with the FA’s interests. Now, they’re not just demanding a slice of the FA’s commercial pie but also seeking clarity on their long-term pay structures, instead of haggling before and after each significant tournament.

The compensation landscape changed when FIFA decided to pay players directly for their performances at tournaments, causing the FA to discontinue their bonus structure. But, the Lionesses believe the discussion needs to be broader than mere bonuses. They want to redefine their entire compensation structure moving forward.

Post World Cup, each Lioness pocketed £153,000 from FIFA. Additionally, Metro reports that they earn £2,000 for each national appearance, with notable bonuses like the £55,000 each player received for their Euro 2022 victory.

FA chief executive Mark Bullingham recently spoke on the pay topic, emphasizing the need for equal pay as the ultimate long-term goal. For now, as negotiations loom, the Lionesses hope for a constructive resolution. But, they haven’t ruled out significant measures – even potentially refusing to play – if their demands aren’t met.

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