Cardi B treats daughter Kulture

Cardi B treats daughter Kulture, 2, to £21,000 lavish Chanel and Dior handbags

Cardi B has spoiled her daughter Kulture, two, rotten with seven brand new designer handbags including Chanel and Dior which were amazing.

Cardi B splashed out £21,000 on her daughter Kulture’s Chanel. D&G and Dior handbags.

And wow does she have a handbag collection to be envious of.

The rapper went on a wild shopping spree for her two-year-old daughter as she bought her seven new designer bags.

As if that wasn’t enough, she has forked out on glittering jewellery and hair accessories.

She has since deleted her eye-watering posts from the eyes of her 87.3million followers.

Self-confessed shopper Cardi gushed she had wanted to spoil her daughter Kulture completely and utterly.

“I went crazy shopping. All for Kulture though, nothing is mine. All KK,” she told her fans on Instagram stories.

The extravagant posts showcasing her $29,000 haul of designer handbags.It was handbags galore; there was a Dolce & Gabbanna bag, two mini Lady Dior bags and a Chanel vanity case.Cardi admitted her daughter even boasts of a better wardrobe than herself because she shops for her more than herself.

She added: “This is what happens when God gives me the baby girl I always wanted. I shop more for her than I do myself.”Often the mother and daughter duo have modelled matching designer outfits on social media.

Cardi shares her two-year-old daughter Kulture with her husband Offset.The musician opened up about why she believes she’s a “great mum” to her daughter because she’s securing her financial future.

“All the time I’m thinking about my kid. I’m shaking my a**, but at the same time I’m doing business, I’m on the phone with my business manager saying, make sure that a percentage of my check goes to my kid’s trust.

“I give my daughter so much love, and I’m setting her up for a future. I want to tell her that a lot of the s**t that I have done in life — no matter what I did, knowing that I wanted to have kids made me go harder to secure a good future for my kids.”

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