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Queen Camilla Pledges to Buy No More Real-Fur Items

An animal-rights group has praised Queen Camilla for her commitment to stop purchasing new fur products. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) received a letter from Buckingham Palace confirming the Queen’s decision, stating she “will not procure any new fur garments.” The letter also conveyed the Queen’s “warmest wishes”, reported by Daily Mail.

In response, PETA, which advocates against the use of real fur, celebrated the announcement. “It’s right and proper for the British monarchy to reflect British values by recognising that fur has no place in our society,” said Ingrid Newkirk, PETA’s managing director. The organization even mentioned they would be “toasting Queen Camilla with a glass of the finest claret”, via The Telegraph.

However, the International Fur Federation voiced opposition to the decision, arguing that the Royal Family should not succumb to pressure from animal activists. “It is the right of everyone to decide what to wear,” a spokesman said. “Many people still buy fur as they prefer to wear something that’s natural and sustainable, unlike plastic-based fake fur. We hope the Royal Family considers the environment when they decide what to wear – but freedom of choice is the key issue.”

Queen Camilla’s stance follows the precedent set by Queen Elizabeth II, who, in 2019, announced she would no longer acquire new real-fur products. Nevertheless, this did not preclude her from wearing existing fur items, and Queen Camilla’s letter to PETA does not explicitly rule out wearing her current fur garments.

This move is part of a broader royal response to growing concerns about animal welfare. The decision mirrors Queen Elizabeth II’s diplomatic choice not to use a crown containing the controversial Koh-i-Noor diamond during her reign, which faced multiple international claims of ownership. Additionally, earlier this year, actor Stephen Fry called for the discontinuation of real fur in the bearskin caps worn by the King’s Guard, who are frequently seen on duty outside Buckingham Palace. The Ministry of Defence defended the practice, stating the bear fur used is sourced from “legal and licensed hunts.”

Queen Camilla’s decision to cease purchasing new fur products aligns with a societal shift towards ethical and sustainable fashion choices. While the debate over real versus faux fur continues, her commitment signals a step towards modernizing royal traditions in line with contemporary values. As the Royal Family navigates these evolving standards, the emphasis on ethical considerations and personal choice remains a central theme in the discussion.

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