Biden's declaration

Biden Trapped Overrunning and looks Stressed to Talk, While Appearing to “Chew” on His Dentures

It seems like every day now I am doing a story on yet another defaulter Biden and his blunders, and they’re taking a lot worse as we go along. He seems to be failing, quite immediately maybe a lot more agile than his handlers had expected? That’s what it seems like in real.

But it looks like either way, the situation is very much worse, and sadly, it’s the American people and the nation that suffers from this because Biden is incapable to handle himself. We’re challenged and laughed at by foreign leaders and we come off as “weak” because a trembling sick old man is supposedly “running the show.”

It’s terrible, and as I said, it’s getting more dangerous day by day.

In the clip below You can see that fraud Biden is discussing his’ Blue-collar Blueprint’ or America resembles this is the man who has spent his political career and the main motto of his life is just killing only the middle-class people.

The main question is how much more can this country take?

This constant humiliation by a man who should be in a nursing home, not the White House, is just getting to be too much worse.

Nothing good will ever come from turning the USA into a worldwide laughing stock. CHEW on THAT, Joe…

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