5 Reasons Why Women Hate Acne

Acne is a two-syllable word for, ‘Hi, I’m gonna hang out with you for a while whether you like it or not. Maybe find a nice prominent place on the tip of your nose to settle down on, get just a little bit red and comfy, and give you a sore time till one day you snap and try and pop me for which I will take my revenge by making a few many babies all over your face. No hard feelings though, you know I’m always gonna stick by you.’

Here are a few among a great many reasons why women hate acne.

1. Acne makes you cancel your plans

You wake up in the morning, all happy and excited. You loll around in bed reminiscing the moment when he asked you out for a movie tonight. You smile to yourself. Lazily you get up and walk to the bathroom and splash some cold water on your face. As you pat it dry, you look up into the mirror.

You squeal a muffled cry as a part of you dies a little inside. You have a visitor right on your right cheek peering at you in the mirror, rather callously. The next thing you know, you’re faking an illness and pushing the date to next Thursday.

2. Acne hurts when red and sore

When the nerves beneath the affected area are condensed, the boil grows red and begins to sting. Another sign is a whitish development at the center of the formation. This is a sign that the pimple is ripe and ready to erupt. Excerpts from the legendary poem, ‘Acne, the enemy’ especially for you.

‘They are like icebergs in the sea,
The peak is all you see.
Mess with them and they’ll mess you back,
What lies beneath is a surprise attack,
Pop one and see for yourself if you disagree.’

images Courtesy: L’Oreal Paris

3. Acne erupts on the face more often than not

It’s bad enough that acne is red and sore and hurts like hell, but what is worse is, they have to bud on the one place we don’t like them the most. Acne is known to occur on the back, the thighs, the chest but the impregnable contender as regards their favorite spot is and will continue to remain the face.

4. Acne serves as an opening statement for your ‘frenemy’

You know you have an acne problem when you are nicknamed ‘red-faced or ‘pizza-face’ at school. If you happen to study at community college, you would probably hear remarks like, ‘What happened to your face? Oh, it’s just your face…’ or ‘Doesn’t your face hurt? Because it sure is killing me

5. Makeup makes acne worse

A concealer might help momentarily but wait till tomorrow dawns on you and you will realize it was a bad idea. Concealers or any kind of makeup for that matter applied directly on the affected portion is likely to infect the area further and help that tiny inconspicuous bump bloom into a nasty eruption.

Acne. Fight it, try to hide it, or simply wait and ride it out. All you can hope is that it never grows on you (pun intended)!

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