Whoopi Goldberg Leaving ‘The View’ Over Health Scares, Ongoing Feuds?

Whoopi Goldberg is as synonymous with The View as any host in the show’s history. The EGOT winner is regularly at the center of tabloid drama pertaining to her status on the show. Goldberg earns in the neighborhood of $5-6 million a year to moderate the talk show, but rumors says that she’s in a rush to leave.

Back in 2019, the Globe claimed Whoopi Goldberg was wilting away and wheezing. She was apparently worried that she would be dead within a year. An insider said, “There was fear her ill health has caught up with her and it could be fatal.” Goldberg wanted to celebrate one final birthday on The View as a “way of going out in style” as a source put it.

This article came out while Goldberg was battling pneumonia, but she made a full recovery. Goldberg was not dead within a year, so this story was just degrading and false.

According to the National Enquirer, Whoopi Goldberg was suffering from rapid hair loss. An insider at The View said, “They’re concerned it might be the sign of something more serious going on with her health!” A doctor hazarded to guess that it could be “the side effects of radiation or chemotherapy.”

The Enquirer loves quoting doctors to sound more official, but they never seem to have actually treated the patient. Goldberg’s hair is iconic, and she’s been shaving her eyebrows off for years. Goldberg’s always been open about her health, so there’s no way we could believe this story.

The National Enquirer was at it again when it claimed a “battle-weary” Goldberg was quitting the show because she had had enough with the drama. A source said, “Whoopi is just worn out by having to manage the war of egos and over-the-top behavior on the show.”

The “bigwigs” at the network were doing everything they could to stop Goldberg from leaving, but an insider said, “Whoopi doesn’t need the aggravation or the money.” Goldberg is a View veteran. She’s withstood the drama for over a decade now, and she gets along well with most of her co-hosts offscreen. She understands the deal better than anyone and isn’t put off by the drama.

The Enquirer just never learns, does it? This time, it claimed that Whoopi Goldberg and co-host Meghan McCain’s feud had “gone nuclear.” McCain was reportedly sick of being a “punching bag,” and they genuinely disliked each other. A source said, “They have virtually nothing in common, from lifestyle to fashion, and everything they do and say is like fingernails on a chalkboard.” McCain allegedly called Goldberg “fat and sloppy.”

The tabloid likened this situation to the one that drove Sharon Osbourne off The Talk, which was a mistake. Osbourne’s unprofessionalism was not like McCain at all, and Goldberg and McCain have always stayed professional with one another. This tabloid clearly has no insight into Goldberg’s life.

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