Users Are Furious At TikTok Security Policy As A Man Sliced Off His Head In a Dancing Video

Social media massive TikTok has been spontaneous to apologize for a safety break after a gory videotape showing a beheading – camouflaged as an innocent girl dancing – went viral on the app. A horrifying video that went viral on TikTok seemed to show a young man getting his head sliced off in a bathroom covered in blood.

The extremely violent beheading was shared by user @mayenggo3 – whom the platform has since banned – and at first, appears to be an innocent slip of a girl dancing in a top and shorts. But seconds part of the video shows suddenly cuts to a vile scene where several Spanish-speaking men are hacking off a living man’s head, the Daily Mail reports.

Now outraged internet users are demanding the app – which is very popular among kids and teens – tightens up its security. Now people especially parents are furious at the app and want to be more strict with the policy as kids and the teen also watch the show. The account holder Faye shared how she was fooled by the video and advised others against viewing it.

“Found out the hard way there is a video going around TikTok that shows an actual human decapitation. If you see a young woman with long dark hair, black tank top, and white shorts dancing to Doja Cat, IMMEDIATELY wipe away,” it said. Someone else tweeted: “Why is the video of the girl getting her head chopped off going around again? please be careful on TikTok.”

The app’s representatives are sorry for the security fissure in a statement to Newsweek about the saga. “We appreciate the concerted effort by our community to warn about an unconscionably graphic clip from another site that was spliced into a video and brought onto TikTok,” the spokesperson said.

“The original video was quickly removed, and our systems are proactively detecting and blocking attempted re-uploads of the clip to catch malicious behavior before the content can receive views. “We apologize to those in our community, including our moderators, who may have come upon this content.”

As per reports, the clip has moved to TikTok’s “Hashbank” system, which mechanically notices grim content before it’s posted.

According to dailystar, one content moderator told Newsweek whoever posted the video probably avoided detection from the app’s AI security sensors by editing the brutal beheading into the original dance video. The original clip circulated the internet in 2019 and allegedly shows a 19-year-old boy in Mexico. TikTok’s community guidelines say it does not put up with “content that is gratuitously shocking, graphic, sadistic, or gruesome or that promotes, normalizes, or glorifies extreme violence or suffering on our platform.

But it isn’t the only event where the app has seen videos of death going viral. In 2020, a video of a man’s suicide went viral, upsetting several young users. In 2019, reports said accounts linked to ISIS were removed after filming beheadings and torture. TikTok’s guidelines continued: “When there is a threat to public safety, we suspend or ban the account and, when warranted, we will report it to relevant legal authorities.”

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