The US comes to Meghan Markle’s defense: ‘You hurt our girl!’

Meghan Markle’s Oprah interview broadcast has completely changed the support dynamic and has caused many US fans to come flocking to her defense.

A look into the international reaction was observed by royal commentator Marklene Koenig and she was quoted telling Express, “There is an element of the US population who think ‘you hurt our girl’. There is definitely this feeling, understandably, in the black community. As they saw how this lovely young woman was treated by the British press.”

“They definitely support Meghan, but I think right now, I am not convinced Meghan and Harry are going to keep quiet about this. When you are feeding information to royal commentator Omid Scobie or Gayle King you are not keeping things private, you are letting it out there.”

Ms. Koenig concluded by saying, “Meghan and Harry are living in California which is a very different lifestyle than even living on the east coast in the US.”

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