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Storm Agnes Gears Up to Unleash Fury on Wales: Met Office Sounds the Alarm

Wales braces itself for the fury of Storm Agnes, which is set to roll in with force on Wednesday morning. As the inaugural named storm of the season, Agnes promises not only to make her mark on Wales but also to sweep across the west of England and Ireland. The tempest’s fiercest winds are predicted to strike the Irish Sea coasts.

In anticipation of the upcoming onslaught, the Met Office has raised a yellow flag of caution for the entirety of Wales. This weather alert, spanning from 10:00 on Wednesday to 07:00 on Thursday, warns of potential gusts that could hit a staggering 80mph in select regions. Even the more sheltered inland areas are forecasted to bear witness to powerful gusts ranging from 50 to 60mph.

Late Wednesday night rainfall will usher in torrents, spilling over into the early hours of Thursday. This deluge might usher in localized flooding in certain regions. Stephen Dixon, the voice of the Met Office, shed light on the looming storm’s specifics, indicating an estimated rainfall of 20mm over western Wales, with Northern Ireland potentially receiving over 30mm in a brief span.

In addition to the immediate natural threats, infrastructural and logistical disruptions are anticipated. The storm’s powerful gales might wreak havoc, causing potential structural damage, and plunging regions into darkness with power outages. The ensuing weather chaos might render certain roads and bridges impassable.

While the storm’s exact trajectory and intensity still possess a margin of uncertainty, Dixon urged residents to stay abreast with real-time updates and amendments to the warnings. As Storm Agnes advances northwards, she is forecasted to lose her intensity by Thursday’s end, paving the way for a more tranquil weekend.

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