Selena Gomez’s makeup artist shares her new glam photo

American singer Selena Gomez looked stunning and gorgeous in her new photo shared on social media by her makeup artist with a focus on lip and eye jobs.

The 28-year-old singer’s makeup artist Hung Vanngo shared the photo on social media with the Taki Taki hitmaker seen with dramatic eye makeup and a bold lip from her Rare Beauty line.

However, the occasion is not clear for which the singer wore this heavy makeup.

Selena Gomez continues to treat her fans with bolder makeup snaps on Instagram as on April 13, she shared several photos of herself wearing Rare Beauty’s new eyeshadow palette. The photos earned over six million likes from her fans.

She had revealed her plans on her Instagram Live in February in connection with her skincare routine and skincare products.

“My skincare routine, so all I do is I keep it pretty simple,” she said. “I use La Mer to wash my face and then I use lotion. My favorite product of mine is the luminizer, so I actually end up using that with the primer at the same time. My primer is something I’m very, very proud of. If you could just wear my primer, I promise you it’s pretty much all you need.”

Revealing her plans about going into skincare, Selena Gomez said, “[I] don’t know [if Rare Beauty will have skincare products].” she started. “Here’s the reason why: I respect very very much on how people individually have their own skincare product routine so I would never be someone that can tell you I know everything about skin and what’s right for you. So it’s very very different for each person so I’m just going say that. I don’t know if Rare will do that, but all I want to know what works for everybody else, so. That’s hard. That’s actually harder than makeup.”

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