Prince Philip, Queen’s true bond

Prince Philip, Queen’s true bond unearthed: ‘There were impenetrable defenses’

Experts weigh in on the bond Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip shared during their years of wedded bliss.

This claim was brought forward by The Mirror journalist Jennie Bond and in her piece she claimed, “Philip was the only man in Elizabeth’s life. No one knew her for longer. No one knew her so well.”

“After almost 74 years of marriage, they didn’t need words – a simple glance or gesture would do. His wife claimed his enduring love, but she had also earned his trust. And that was important.”

“After his nomadic, rootless childhood Philip had developed an impenetrable defence mechanism to hide the hurt caused by the absence of his parents.”

Ms. Bond believes the Queen and Prince Philip were always a compliment to each other. “By nature, Elizabeth is quite reserved and shy. Philip was the perfect contrast – brusque, shooting from the hip and always up for a good argument.”

“She might have been expected to marry a traditional British aristocrat; a safe but quite possibly boring option. With Philip, life was never boring.”

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