Paula Abdul Goes Under the Knife for ‘Breast Revision’, Reason behind?

Abdul says: “I’m really excited about the outcome” Paula Abdul is “Straight Up” for over her enormous breast implants. Her previous boob job started giving her trouble during performances so because of this singer and dancer Paula Abdul announced this week that she’s going to a recent “breast revision”.

She explained in a video for In Mode, a pharmaceutical services company for which she is also an ambassador: “First and foremost, I’m a dancer. With my height, I’m petite. I started with smaller breasts, but 20+ years ago I had implants put in, and the more I was dancing, the harder it was getting on my back”.

“As the years go by, gravity happens too and I always felt they were a little too big for my frame,” she continued. “I had wanted to get the old implants out and I heard amazing things about you. I’m very excited.”

In the video, Dr. Jacob Unger demonstrated what “breast revision surgery” actually means saying the plan was to remove her old implants, and then tighten the skin around and lift her breasts, before possibly adding new, smaller implants to her body.

He told to his famous patient that: “We want to make sure we can reshape the breasts very well and get the best overall shape and contour to match your frame”.

Abdul called Dr. Unger “the man” when it comes to these types of methods and said she couldn’t wait until everything was “all done and healed to feel how different and lighter I feel.” She continued, “I’m excited about the outcome.”

In the caption for the video, Unger stated “his amazing patient is doing well and has the results she was hoping for!” But yet there are still waiting for results to come from Abdul.

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