Naya Rivera: ‘I Lost My Hair and Confidence After Giving Birth’

 While many women enjoy thicker hair when pregnant, Rivera’s didn’t and she was horrified as her beautiful thick locks turned thin post-baby. “After giving birth, in combination with breastfeeding and a major drop in hormones, I noticed thinning in certain areas at the front of my hairline and breakage at the ends of my hair,” Naya tells Latina magazine. “Like many women, I wasn’t expecting my hair to change so much post-partum and it was pretty scary. I didn’t feel like myself and my confidence definitely suffered because of that.”Naya Rivera I Lost My Hair and Confidence After Giving Birth

Naya tried all sorts of solutions – carrot seed oil, coconut oil treatments and even prenatal vitamins – but nothing worked until a new mum friend introduced her to Nioxin. When company bosses asked her to represent the line, she didn’t hesitate. “I couldn’t say no,” she explains. “They have a wide array of products, including care, styling and intensive treatments that really help women and men feel better about themselves. I also love that their products aren’t ‘one size fits all’, since we all have different hair types… and it’s safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding.”Pregnant Naya Rivera

Although she’s now a single mum after filing for divorce from her two-year-old daughter Josey’s father Ryan Dorsey last year (16), Naya insists she’s a much happier mum now. “I do try to start every day with the intention of making it the best day it can be,” she smiles. “I sort of mentally scan my mind and body first thing when I wake up, and try to go forward throughout the day with a sense of hope and excitement.”

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