Mystery as hundreds of sheep seen silently circle formation

Mystery as hundreds of sheep seen silently standing in ‘unnerving’ circle formation

There are so many mysteries found in this plant. Now a day some picture of the mystery shape of hundreds sheep’s seen on the internet. Christopher Hogg, 47, was cycling through Rotting dean when he sees this mysterious thing he said it looks like “It was saucer-shaped, like an alien ship. It was beautiful but I think in 2021 a bit too weird for comfort.

At first view, it rises memories of the mysterious crop circles of the 1990s, which left the British fearing an alien invasion was trying to communicate with them.
Christopher said: “I was on my daily cycling routine and came over the hill and saw this magnificent circle.
“At that point, I was about half a mile away, which made me think that whatever it was, it was huge…

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