Michelle Obama Is Getting Divorce From Barack Obama, Who’s Being Public Eye

Is Barack Obama‘s marriage to Michelle suffering because he won’t step away from the spotlight? That’s what multiple tabloids have been claiming.

Barack’s Book Sales Jeopardizing His Marriage?

The Globe reported not before long ago that the sales of the book had to become a point of tension in Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage. According to the tabloid’s insider, Barack had been opening “old wounds and was once again pushing the cranky couple toward a final marriage crisis.” Barack’s criticism to Jimmy Kimmel regarding him surpassing his wife. When he stated, “I’m not rubbing it in over dinner,”.So far so good, Gossip Cop wasn’t buying it for a moment. It’s absurd to pretend that his dearest spouses of 28 years relationship were bickering over book sales, mainly when they are both had been extremely successful. Moreover, that is saying that Barack’s comments to the late-night host held part of a playful bit.

Michelle Obama’s $1 Million Makeover?

According to the National Enquirer quickly published that the very different story on the Obamas. Besides according to the tabloid, “Starstruck Michelle Obama is splurging on a million-dollar head-to-toe makeover in a bid to conquer Tinseltown and spice up her marriage.” So, it is saying that bold claiming was developed by some speculation about Obamas’ Netflix deal,

but an insider’s urging that Michelle needed to “have Barack drooling at how hot she is.” But on the other hand, there was nothing to support the claim at that time and also that is not believable to considering anything tabloid has just reported the “couple was on the brink of divorce”. The rumor came out of nowhere and it does not seem to have gone anywhere. There is cause to believe that Michelle needs or even wants such an absurd change because Obamas’ Netflix deal was for documentaries and movies.

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