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Meghan ‘smashed Royal mold to smithereens’ and Royals Remain Uninformed

Meghan had an interview with Vanity Fair magazine in October 2017 was somewhat rare when it comes to royal protocol, and a royal expert has now labelled the sit-down “historic”.

A royal expert revealed, Meghan Markle “smashed the Royal mould to smithereens” by talking about her royal relationship publicly before taking part in a formal interview about herself and Prince Harry

In 2017, Meghan showed up in the October issue of Vanity Fair to spoke about the 100th episode of Suits, but the caption read: “She’s Just Wild About Harry!”

The magazine published the interview before she engaged with Prince Harry.

And, writing for, royal commentator Daniela Elser says the interview “trounced the unspoken omerta that royal girlfriends had thus far diligently adhered to” and questioned whether it should have been a sign for the Royal Family to pay more attention.

Ms. Elser wrote: “Up until Meghan turned up on the royal scene, tight-lipped silence had been the standard operating procedure for Windsor squeezes, women who have long assumed a position of decorous muteness whenever they happened to be around the press.

“But none of this applied to the California native, Suits star and most consequential royal paramour since King Henry VIII first locked eyes on noted looker Anne Boleyn.

“Rather, with her Vanity Fair appearance, she didn’t so much break that mould as chicly smash it to smithereens, trouncing the unspoken omerta that royal girlfriends had thus far diligently adhered to.

“However, looking back, should courtiers and royal aides have paid much, much more attention to that magazine moment in 2017?”

As per Ms. Elsa, the Vanity Fair interview “made history” and “never before had a royal girlfriend gone on the record to unabashedly declare they were in love”.

But, she also asks if royal courtiers should have heeded the “tacit warning signs” from Meghan’s Vanity Fair interview.

Ms. Elser added: “What is frustrating is that despite the warning bells that her Vanity Fair revelations should have set off, the palace wasn’t better prepared for Meghan’s arrival and how to integrate her into the royal roster.

“After all, she went into the enterprise of the monarchy not so much as hiding her light under a bushel as carrying it confidently and proudly aloft.”

Last year on 8th January, Harry and his wife Meghan announced that they would step back from senior positions within the Firm following talks at Sandringham with Prince Charles, Prince William, and the Queen.

Since Harry lives with his wife Meghan and son Archie Harrisonin California, having spent the intervening period living in Canada, in hopes of a more private lifestyle, reported.

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