How to Decorate Your Home Without Breaking your Wallet

Our homes speak volumes about us; they reflect our personalities, style of living, tastes, and likes. The arrangement of the decor, choice of furniture or even a hanging picture on the wall speaks a more than a million words about us. For this reason, we have every reason to make our homes welcoming, friendly and warm to our guests and also to ourselves. However, moving in into a new home or thinking of refurbishing your current space, giving your home a new lease of life always seems to come at a cost. In a standard contemporary decoration, the budget odds appear to be stacked against everybody.

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How to Decorate Your Home Without Breaking your Wallet

While working on a budget might seem an uphill task in attaining your decoration goals, the process of decorating while on a budget is easier, and less time-consuming than you think. The only requirement for the frugal decoration includes the willingness to get your elbows greasy, a bit of creativity and a free weekend.

Decorative Painting

Decorative painting finishes offer a remarkable way to economically beautify your home.  One way of styling your house using the cheap decorative painting is by use of color blocking. This method entails painting different color block of varying sizes onto a color wall. What makes color blocking a superb choice is because it lends an air of sophistication in the room due to the different colors. Another method to cheaply decorate your home using paint is to use either the bold colors for dramatic effects or soft colors for a brighter look. The use of colors effects the human brain in different ways. Always aim at making a witty use of decorative paints for the transformation of your space.

Rearrange Your Furniture

This is the easiest, cheapest and quickest method to freshen up any home. This simple decorative technique might seem modest, but has such a powerful impact on the overall layout of your home. Some of the decorative benefits of furniture rearrangement include;

-Maximize your space

-Improve the layout

-Provides room for innovation and creativity

Repurposing Old Furniture

Repurposing of furniture presents your house with a whole new level of creative possibilities. Wooden pieces of furniture such as old chairs, cabinets or dressers can be restored to their former glory through painting or new staining to breathe new life. Other methods of repurposing pieces of furniture include making use of old broken furniture in an alternative way, for example, you can use your broken drawer to make a bed for your dog. You can then add some cosmetic touches to the drawer to make it more alluring.

Addition of Simple Accessories

Sometimes, the minute objects make the difference. Simple decorative accessories such as flowers, picture frames, marble vessels, flower jars, and candles tie the whole room together and can make a room feel more “fuller.”

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