Kate sends message to Prince Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hanging by a thread tied to Kate Middleton, Royal commentator

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have recently faced critical remarks from royal commentator and expert Tina Brown, who described their operations as resembling a ‘clown show,’ a scenario she believes would be likely if not for Kate Middleton’s stabilizing presence. Brown’s pointed critique highlights ongoing tensions and contrasts between the Sussexes’ approach to their public roles and the more traditional paths followed by other members of the Royal Family.

Since stepping back from their senior royal duties and moving to the United States, Harry and Meghan have embarked on various independent projects, which have often drawn mixed reactions from both the public and royal observers. Their efforts to carve out a new identity separate from the conventional Royal Family frameworks have been ambitious, involving deals with major media companies and launching initiatives through their Archewell Foundation.

Her comments began when she sat with Times Radio and dished on how the duo is “hanging by a thread” and that thread is none other than Kate Middleton herself. She even went as far as to accuse the Sussexes of running a “while Sussex clown show” otherwise. “The monarchy hangs by a thread and that thread is Catherine. Because she is the most beloved of the next generation.”

“And with the departure of Harry and the whole kind of Sussex clown show, the Waleses are it,” she added before signing off. For those unversed, this has all come to light shortly after the couple jetted off on a cultural tour of Nigeria and even found themselves ‘falling in love’ with “Meghan’s in-laws,” as revealed by the Duke himself.

Brown’s commentary suggests that the couple’s ventures could be perceived as disorganized or less serious—akin to a ‘clown show’—were it not for the more composed and structured representation provided by figures like Kate Middleton, whose engagements and projects typically align closely with the Royal Family’s longstanding traditions and public expectations.

The critique by Tina Brown underscores the ongoing scrutiny that Harry and Meghan face as they navigate their roles outside of the Royal Family’s direct influence. It also reflects broader discussions about the varying perceptions of duty and service among the newer and older generations of royals, and how these differences impact the public’s view of the monarchy’s relevance and approach in contemporary society.

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