Ellen DeGeneres Show’ under Investigation by WarnerMedia after a Slew of Allegations

After a lot of complaints about Ellen DeGeneres’s show having a ‘toxic’ environment, an investigation is finally getting embarked on the issue.

As indicated by a report by Variety, the issue is claimed to get examined as executives from Warner Bros. TV and produce Tele picture released a memo that expressed the whole affair will be thoroughly investigated by a third-party firm.

The news comes after a heap of claims against the talk show host also because the producers of The Ellen Show, by multiple former employees and one current.

DeGeneres has been under attack for some time now as her social repute tumbles to the bottom after her ex-employees just as visitors on the show came forth to reveal her ‘abusive’ and ‘manipulative’ behavior.

Earlier, her former bodyguard Tom Majercak also expressed the unpleasant experience of working with her at 86th Academy Awards in 2014.

Revealing insight on his experience working with DeGeneres, Majercak, who has well know or high-profile companies like Apple, Twitter, and Google on his resume, said the Oscars night was a touch demeaning for him.

“I’m holding their hands and walking them through a huge group of people. Ellen is that the one person who I have been assigned to and I’ve been appointed to many big names that have never take the time to express hi to me,” he revealed to Fox News.

“Ellen just gave me an offensive look out of her eye and didn’t properly say, ‘hello ‘thank you for protecting my mom, my better half, and me.’ It was freezing and it was tricky and it had been very sly and it had been actually quite demeaning within the way that she treats people who are in her circle,” he included.

He proceeded to include that at the high-profile Oscars after-party, the Governors Ball, she had just allowed celebrities pre-approved by her, to come and talk to her at her table.

Before that, YouTube sensation NikkieTutorials aka known as Nikkie de Jager had additionally portrayed her bad experience of the time she appeared on The Ellen Show.

Back in April, a Twitter trend against DeGeneres had additionally come above the water where her past employees and the individuals who had met her, described their unpleasant experiences with her, dubbing her as ‘one of the meanest people alive.’

Then, her crew members from The Ellen Show also recently came out, complaining that they hadn’t got a communication from DeGeneres or the officials in regards to their pay or working hours during the coronavirus pandemic.

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