Kim Kardashian doesn't forget Kanye West

The new reason for the divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West revealed

The entrepreneurs and model were exactly going to spread her husband’s face to the earth.

Journalists have discovered a new probable reason for the separation of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. A few months ago, the couple announced that they are not together anymore. Just about directly, West left Kim’s house, left his wife and children to manage with issues without help.

Later, Kim gave a tell-all interview, where she confessed that she was very exhausted of existing with men who did not share her welfares. Kardashian would very much like to encounter the person who will make her better off.

People started feeling sorry for Kardashian. On Monday, July 5, new facts of the couple’s parting seemed in the press. It curved out that Kim, after viewing the example of Spears’ father, also measured taking care of West, who agonizes from bipolar disorder. Thus, she would have comprehensive control over the cash, social networks, and actions of the spouse.

It is notable that the media even achieved to find validation of this fact: after the futile executive race, Kanye wrote that his wife and mother-in-law were trying to close him at the farm and sent him doctors with a tranquilizing.

Between other things, Kim is known to Lou Taylor, Britney Spears’ business manager, and helped Britney’s father for several years to calm the star.

The freenews said, “On the Web, real harassment started on the Kardashians.”

“She proved to be a bastard,” “I don’t believe this is possible,” “It’s just disgusting,” “The Kardashians are smarter than Spears’s dad, and more media. She will not do this “,” Kim, like her sisters, is ready for any nasty thing, I’m not surprised,”- wrote users on Twitter.

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