Princess Diana horrified by Prince William and Prince Harry feud

Princess Diana would be ‘horrified’ by Prince William and Prince Harry’s feud

Prince William and Prince Harry’s fallout has left quite a dent on the British royal family as the media continues to dig deep into their strained relationship.

And as royal critics and fans hope for a reconciliation between the two brothers, British broadcaster Piers Morgan claims had their mother, Princess Diana been alive today, she would be “horrified” by their feud.

The 56-year-old controversial host said in an interview with Tucker Carlson: “You know, I knew Princess Diana well and I think she’d be horrified by the split between Harry and his brother.”

“I think by the schism now between Harry and the royal family generally, by the appalling smearing of the Queen, which is already causing damage in some of the commonwealth countries who were buying in to this outrageous lie that the Queen is somehow racist, presiding over a racist institution,” said the former host of Good Morning Britain.

He said further that he used to be a fan of Prince Harry once, but that is no longer the case.

“This guy went to war and, you know, my brother-in-law, my sister’s husband, taught Harry at the Sandhurst Military Academy and said he was a fine young soldier and a very courageous man,” he said, before he questioned: “What’s happened to that guy?”

“What’s happened to that guy, that he’s turned into this whiny brat in his mid-30s complaining his dad isn’t still financing everything that he does, complaining he was cut off by daddy and his millions,” he said.

“Actually, that wasn’t true either. It turns out Prince Charles had carried on financing him. And remember, Harry inherited millions when his mother died,” he added.

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