Con Artist Samantha Azzopardi Jailed After Being Diagnosed For Personality Disorders

Samantha Azzopardi, an Australian con artist is finally sent to jail after using pseudonyms to pledge crimes, finally blaming her “severe personality disorder” An Australian woman, a corn artist who has been charged for making 55 extraordinary offenses, is now sent to jail after years of escape and numerous bizarre fake personas.

Serial con artist Samantha Azzopardi, 31, fooled people into believing she was an au pair, a sex trafficking and torture victim, a Russian gymnast whose entire family were murdered, and a schoolgirl half her age. A therapist told the court Azzopardi had a “severe personality disorder”, which the offender demanded had inspired some of her crimes and extreme lying.

Child stealing was the serious charge that resulted from when Azzopardi took a couple’s infant children on a ‘day trip’ from Melbourne to Bendigo, 90 miles away. She is arrested after being sent to a mental health center — here’s how her web of lies was disentangled.

She arrived at a counseling service and said she had been infused by her uncle, even to called someone his dad. But the trick failed when a Victoria Police detective in the child abuse protection squad spotted her and chased her into a store. The French couple told the court they are now scared to leave their children in the care of anyone else. But the anonymous French couple were not the first people Azzopardi tricked in a long campaign of danger and dishonesty.

Basketball player Tom Jarvis and his wife Jazze hired who they thought was a 17-year-old American girl called Harper Hernandez. She began living with them, looking after the children, and even helping them move across the country from Brisbane to Melbourne.

She also mocks to be a talent agent called Marlee and fooled young women into believing they would appear on TV. In 2014, Azzopardi also made headlines in Dublin when she was speckled traveling around the street imagining to be a marketing victim. Irish state helped her with €200k before they realised she was a con artist.

A security source told her magazine she was notorious around the world for such scams. They said: “She is an international woman of mystery, a scam artist, who we now believe is involved in some sort of bizarre ruse. “She has done this kind of thing before. This is a ‘catch me if you can’ scenario although it is accepted that she has psychiatric issues.”

Overseeing Magistrate Johanna Metcalf unquestionable that Samantha was worthy of more prison time for the most solemn crime of child stealing. But she confessed she was perplexed as to why Azzopardi is the way she is. Metcalf said: “To me, the motive behind your bizarre offending remains unclear.

“I accept that the children were not taken from their parents for prolonged periods, that you did not intend to permanently deprive the parents of their offspring, also that you did not harm or threatened to harm children. “You weren’t motivated by financial gain or by a desire to keep the children for yourself.

“You had a highly traumatic upbringing during which you were emotionally neglected and physically abused to an extreme degree by your mother and subjected to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse at the hands of your father and stepfather.” But Magistrate Metcalf decided Samantha’s “extreme type of lying” and operating children reasonable more jail time.

She may not have to help any more jail time as she has now spent 574 days in prison in custody. And with time now helped, she is now suitable for bail and may not serve a single day.

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