5 simple things to try to combat hair loss

Hair loss is nothing more than a worldwide epidemic. Some people lose their hair due to poor diet or wrong shampoo choices, while others have thinning hair due to genetics. Either way, hair loss is painful and you can do whatever it takes to get your long, luscious hair back.

When faced with a similar problem, know that all hope is not lost yet. There are many things that you can do to correct the damage. Here are six helpful tips to help combat hair loss.

1. Massage the scalp

Massaging essential oils towards your head can help your hair grow. These essential oils are made from herbs and plants that have beneficial properties not just for your hair but for your entire body. An example of such essential oils is CBD oil, which can strengthen your hair. You can browse various CBD products at Green Ace Dispensary.

Massaging the head alone is beneficial as it increases blood flow to the scalp. Before using an essential oil, do a patch test to make sure there are no allergic reactions.

2. Increase your protein intake

Proteins are essential to your hair. The main cause of hair loss can be a lack of this nutrient in your body. You can take protein supplements, but these will only do a limited amount. It is better to eat foods rich in protein. Such foods can be eggs, fish, nuts, beans, etc.

3. Avoid harsh chemical treatments

Chemical treatments like hair dyes and straightening can damage your hair. Many people make the mistake of not properly grooming themselves after such hair treatments. You should either avoid these treatments entirely or, if you are taking them, try to take care of your hair during this process. For example, use hair products that help your hair regain its natural oil.

4. Put an end to bad habits

Oiling your hair is not enough unless you give up your unhealthy habits. These habits contribute to the weakening of the hair (i.e. hair loss). Use a soft brush or, if using a comb, a wide-toothed comb. If your hair is wet, don’t brush it hard as it will be fragile. Another common mistake is rubbing your hair after washing it. Instead of rubbing it, dry the hair. Your hair is delicate and you don’t have to be aggressive towards them.

Don’t wash your hair too vigorously. Using shampoo twice a week is more than enough as washing every day removes the oils from your hair.

5. Try natural water

Natural juices like onion juice or ginger juice are great for your hair. You can rub your scalp with one of these juices and wash it well the next day. Onion juice can help, but it has a strong odor. If you can take it, the results will be worth it!

Your hair plays an important role in your overall appearance. They can change or destroy your entire look. Try these tips today and get rid of hair loss right away! I hope it helps you. Let us know in the comments below if it helped you! Have a nice day!

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