5 Bedroom Design Tips to Combat Your Anxiety

Your bedroom, almost more than any other room in your home, should be a serene sanctuary that you happily retreat to every night. This is a place where you should be able to lay back, relax, and forget about the worries and stresses of the day. But oftentimes, simple design mistakes can ruin your bedroom Zen, and your intended peacefulness quickly turns to bothersome anxiety. Read on for eight bedroom-specific design tips sure to eliminate any potential anxiety while creating a completely tranquil space.

1: Soft Lighting

soft lighting in your bedroom

The lighting in your bedroom is so important because not only does it set the overall tone of the space, but it can directly influence your mood. Any lighting that is too bright or harsh can conjure up feelings of chaos or uneasiness or potentially cause a headache or lightheadedness. Placing soft and soothing lighting in your bedroom will guarantee a much more serene area, not to mention its quite a bit easier on the eyes.

2: Soothing ColorsSoothing Colors in Your Bedroom

Whether you love hues of pink, green, or even yellow, it is important to choose colors for your bedroom that bring you joy and make you feel at peace. Pastel colors in particular are known for their soothing effect, but as long as you select colors that make you happier and more relaxed, you cannot go wrong. Your bedroom will instantly become anxiety-free!

3: Cozy Bed

Cozy Bed in Your Bedroom

When you finally settle into bed after a rigorous day, the last thing you want is to feel stiff or uncomfortable. This is why it is imperative to have a bed that’s not only cozy, but a place that you seriously look forward to snuggling into each night. Getting a bad night’s sleep due to discomfort always drags into the next day, causing unnecessary anxiety and irritability, so nix that for good with a premium mattress, fluffy pillows, and a soft blanket.

4: A Good Nightstand

A Good Nightstand in Your Bedroom

Messing around with an inconveniently placed cell-phone charger that’s across the room or having to place your water glass on the floor instead of at arm’s length is not only annoying, but stressful. The solution? Always be sure to have a good nightstand that is accessible to you while you get ready for bed and while you sleep. A good nightstand gives you easy access for charging your electronics and a home for your books after you finish reading and will definitely eliminate any potential anxiety.

5: The Perfect RugThe Perfect Rug in Your Bedroom

If you purposely make sure to have socks on whenever you walk across your bedroom floor, then you are far from having the perfect rug! This rug needs to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but more so, it needs to be comfortable to the touch: we are talking, can’t-wait-to-wake-up-and-put-your-feet-on-it comfortable. Anxiety can sneakily be instigated when you come into physical contact with a surface that is unpleasant, so having that cozy rug is a must for comfort and serenity.

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