3 Braids That Are Perfect For Your Next Workout

Looking to freshen up your ‘do at the gym or studio? Instagram’s queen of braids, Amber Fillerup Clark, shared her favorite gym-ready styles with POPSUGAR Fitness. These simple fitness braid styles look so complex and intricate, but they’re actually pretty simple. Check out what Amber does to keep her hair looking fresh (and out of her face) during a workout.

The Dutch Braid Messy BunThe Dutch Braid Messy Bun

“Just like I love to do a dutch braid for the gym, this hairstyle is a fun alternative if you want to switch things up,” said Amber. “This hairstyle is a quick way to have a cute hairstyle at the gym and it keep the hair out of your face.” A dutch braid is essentially an inside-out french braid — instead of bringing the pieces of hair up and over, you pull them underneath, which gives the braid more of a pop with a raised texture and volume. Amber pulls her into a messy, low bun.

Single BraidSingle Braid

“Braids are a great way to have your hair back and make sure it doesn’t get tangled during your gym session!” said Amber. “If you decide to take the braid out after, it always makes for some good beach waves, too!” The braid shown here is a fishtail, but Amber also loves doing a classic braid down the back.

Bubble PonyBubble Pony

This textured ponytail isn’t a braid, but it’s a fun refresh on your standard gym pony. “The bubble ponytail is one of my gym favorites! “I love having a high pony at the gym. This style is easy to achieve and I love that I can go out after the gym without having to redo my hair.”

Amber Gave us a Quick Tutorial — Here’s How To Do It:

  • Pull your hair up into a ponytail at the crown of your head and tie it off with a thick elastic so it stays in place.
  • Softly tease your hair with a brush or comb.
  • Tie a clear elastic around the pony tail about two to three inches down and pull on the bubble to make it stand out more.
  • Continue to make as many “bubbles” as your hair can handle and you are done!


Source: Popsugar

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